4/15 – Expectations Exceeded

Sunday dawned again with a nice big breakfast. The Dzokotoe’s have the best bread ever. Dan and Bob were at the prison in Tamale ministering to the inmates, and would be joining us for church with Reverend Asari’s congregation. I had no idea who that was, but Dan and Di go sometimes, so we were all tagging along!

I would say that church in a big city like Tamale is a lot different than church in Saboba. There are fancier clothes, and people are much more restrained when it comes to worshipping with singing and dancing. I really missed Pastor Jonah’s church, and the pure joy I found in the members of the Body there. What made it worse was that the speaker system in the little upstairs room of a building was giving me a ringing headache. I really don’t know why they have to turn it up so loud, or even have a speaker system in the first place! The congregation was no bigger than 30 people. My head was throbbing we walked out of the building.

Lunch was surprisingly tasty for macaroni noodles in a sauce made out of tomato soup mix! After we all ate together, the three other girls and I spent the afternoon playing cards together again. Even with such a simple game, we have so much fun together. This time I learned Dutch Blitz, and also that I suck at it majorly!

By the time it was getting to the evening, I had to call Pastor Jonah and Solo to see how their churches were doing. I missed them a lot. Pastor Jonah had visited his church in Lifuul! I remember that I wanted to go back to Lifuul to visit them again, but now it was too late. There was just never enough time, all the time, it seemed.

The “adults” went out for dinner again, so us girls made rice with tomato sauce again, but this time we each had a tiny scoop of ice cream for dessert afterward! It was the best thing ever. Salad and ice cream are the two foods I miss the most from the U.S. And maybe a nice fat cheeseburger. And fruit. But I have to stop there, because I could go on forever! In just 10 days, I will be home anyway, and I can eat all of these things to my heart’s content.

I kind of love evenings with Michelle, Becca, and Dzifa. We just cook together, eat together, wash dishes together, and relax and talk for the rest of the night. It’s a calm and peaceful life. Tonight we talked about everything from Dzifa’s school, to extreme feats of athleticism (marathons and iron mans, both of which Becca wants to compete in, DANG!), to disabilities, to weird things to do with your nerves. Michelle and Dzifa were tired and went to bed for the night, so Becca and I stayed up finishing our hot chocolate, and had a good conversation about missions in Ghana and future careers, and serving Christ with those skills.

I love Becca, she is such a sweet girl, very mature for her age, and just a huge joy and blessing, even in the short time that we’ve known each other. Michelle, too. And Dzifa of course is just like a hilarious younger sister. I am going to be very sad to leave them on Tuesday. Another goodbye that I will have to endure, but at the same time, I am just so thankful that I even got to meet all three of them in the first place. God has been so good to me, introducing so many wonderful people into my life here. This period has been so wonderful for showing me the Body of Christ in a larger scope, and it has been so educational and encouraging for me. I knew I was going to have a life-changing experience coming here, but the Lord has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. That is just like my God! What a wonderful Father we have.

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